“I film, la televisione e i media audiovisivi in generale non si rivolgono soltanto all’occhio. Essi suscitano nel loro spettatore una specifica disposizione percettiva, disposizione che, nel presente lavoro, proponiamo di chiamare “audiovisione”. Un’attività, questa, che non è mai stata considerata nella sua novità: si continua a parlare di “vedere” un film o una trasmissione, trascurando la modificazione introdotta dalla colonna audio. Oppure ci si accontenta di uno schema aggiuntivo, per cui si vedono immagini e si sentono dei suoni, e ciascuna delle due percezioni resterebbe circoscritta nel proprio ambito.” Michel Chion

Requiem, 1973_MICHEL CHION

Giochi, Scherzi e Balli

“The lone man should find his symphony within himself, not only in conceiving the music in abstract, but in being his own instrument. A lone man possesses considerably more than the twelve notes of the pitched voice. He cries, he whistles, he walks, he thumps his fist, he laughs, he groans. His heart beats, his breathing accelerates, he utters words, launches calls and other calls reply to him. Nothing echoes more a solitary cry than the clamour of crowds” Schaeffer 1952

Symphonie Pour un Homme Seul_Schaeffer
con Pierre Henry

Imágenes de Andrés Giraldo

Symphonie pour un Homme Seul_Schaeffer
con Pierre Henrry

Imágenes de Hannah Höch

Symphonie pour un Homme Seul_Schaeffer
con Pierre Henry

Imágenes de Edvard Munch

Symphonie pour un Homme Seul_Schaeffer
con Pierre Henry

Imágenes de: Jules Pascin, Christian Schad, Egon Schiele y Man Ray

Some Joint | QuaDror

February 23, 2011 | Today, at the opening of the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the designer Dror Benshetrit of Studio Dror unveiled QuaDror, a space truss geometry that he invented and patented. Although the words “space truss geometry” may not sound sexy at first, QuaDror’s potential is impressive: its interlocking, load-bearing members function at several scales, from the small (a table base or room divider) to the large (a bridge support or structure for a house). When used in multiples, these forms are not only as stable as a solid cube (while using only 20 percent of the volume), but also have acoustical properties, as in a highway sound barrier. But the application about which Dror is most excited is that of emergency housing. The QuaDror Home is a kit that includes instructions, tools and QuaDror universal joints — to which structural members (of wood, bamboo, etc.) can be attached. Because these pieces take up so little room, Dror estimates that 1,750 of the kits can be shipped in a single 40-foot container. Small, sturdy houses can be built with whatever local materials are available, making them even more cost-effective, not to mention sustainable. The first QuaDror Home kit is just beginning production, and the studio hopes to build its first houses in Sierra Leone and Brazil next year.

Pilar Viladas | NYTimes

BrainForum – The Color of Thought

| A sx ippocampo e corteccia celebrale, a dx "Rot-Blau-Gelb" di Richter |

The BrainForum 2011 will be enhanced by an exhibition of extraordinary giant images of the brain illustrated by color effects using the “Brainbow” technique. The images, produced by scientists from laboratories all over the world, evoke modern art paintings. The curator of the exhibition, Angelo Bucarelli, enjoyed finding a match in similarity, for all the photos to some of the most known masterpieces by Klee, Mirò, Dalì and Kandinski.

| A sx una lesione celebrale, a dx unopera di Mirò |

For one month, the street of Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan will provide the setting for this exhibition starting on the 12th of March.

| A sx limmagine di un neurone, a dx "Lalbero della vita" di Klimt |

Tra scienza e arte, le immagini del cervello catturate dagli scienziati nei loro laboratori svelano inaspettate analogie con i capolavori dell’arte impressionista e astrattista. Le immagini sono raccolte in una mostra curata da Angelo Bucarelli, che espone gigantografie del cervello colorato con la tecnica brainbow, accostate a opere d’arte. La mostra è uno degli eventi collaterali del BrainForum 2011, convegno dedicato ai nuovi studi sul cervello, in programma il 4 e 5 aprile a Milano.

| Tokyo by night |
| Il processo molecolare che immortala il ricordo nel cervello |

New Babylon: Constant Nieuwenhuys

|New Babylon, Constant Nieuwenhuys|
|New Babylon, Constant Nieuwenhuys|

New Babylon ( was inspired by and contributed to the work of the Situationists, a group of intellectuals, theorists and writers, as well as artists who were anything but Modernists in the classic capitalist mold. They were inspired by the irrational forms and practices of Dada and Surrealism, and were what we could call neo-Marxists, meaning inspired by Marx’s vision of revolutionary socialism but seeking to use the capitalist system to achieve their ends. Guy Debord and others invented tactics such as derive, psychogeographie, and detournment, which seized upon, then subverted, capitalist notions in order to develop radical ways of living that were meant to culminate in revolution (Archigram first heard of these through Constant’s lecture, no doubt). Constant joined the Situationists early on and became their architect, much the same as Antonio Sant’Elia had done with the Futurists, half a century before. The spaces of New Babylon were intended to be spaces of disorientation and of reorientation, from rational, functionalist society to one that is liberated and self-inventing. It was meant to replace capitalist exploitation of human labor and emotion with anarchist celebration of them.  Its architecture was to provide a complex armature on which could be woven endlessly new, unpredictably personal urban experiences, determined by ever-changing individual desires. In the end, however, the architecture of the New Babylon seemed to overwhelm such playful, radical spontaneity by its sheer weight and monumental scale.

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72 Hour Urban Action: our report

A short photographic report of our experience at Bat-Yam Biennal of Landscape urbanism. Our first URBAN MISSION was:”A niche within the schoolyard – a yard within a yard – with its own street entrance”.

Make the space in the wall accessible, allowing it to function as an outdoor room.

| Startup group photo |
| Our group - The Urban Shakers |

| Urban Shakers @ The Nook |
| Nightworks in the site |
| Resting Helmets...72hours later |
| The Nook...Shaked! |

Afro C. Carpentieri | Italy | J.A.N.U.B.
Amir Samara | Israel – Italy | J.A.N.U.B.
Enrico Clerici | Italy | J.A.N.U.B.
Morgan Barnicoat | USA
Matthew Jacobs | USA
Daisuke Suzuki | USA
Dov Lasker | Israel
Eli Chakarova | Bulgaria
Siliyana Panova | Bulgaria
Tsvetelina Panova | Bulgaria

Allarme rosso : il ghiaccio fonde!


Alerte Rouge – La glace fond est une manifestation qui utilise une lumière clignotante rouge , pour symboliser le fait que nous allons au devant d’une catastrophe climatique. Ainsi que nos politiciens ( et ceux qui les élysent ) ne font pas le nécessaire pour respecter les traités sur le réchauffement climatique.

7 Mètres (seven meters) est la hauteur à laquelle montera l’eau si la totalité de la banquise du Groenland fond.

24 kilometres de lumières clignotante rouges seront fixées à 7mètres de hauteur dans les rues de Copenhague pendant le sommet climatique de l’ONU en décembre 2009 qui se déroulera à Copenhague, nous voulons ainsi envoyer un message visuel concernant les consequences énormes que nos actions auront à long terme

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Survival of the Fattest

’Survival of the Fattest’ a work of Jens Galschiot

Photo By Louise Weiss

The sculpture ’Survival of the Fattest’ is a symbol of the rich world’s (i.e. the fat woman, Justitia) self-complacent ‘righteousness’. With a pair of scales in her hand she sits on the back of starved African man (i.e. the third world), while pretending to do what is best for him.

Climate changes are caused by the western world, but the consequences hit the third world hardest. Even so, we are not willing to give up our way of life or make real changes. The poor countries are willing to do, comparatively, far more to lower CO2 emission than the western world. Still, the west all too often argues that they will have admissions and promises of further CO2 reductions from China, India, Russia and other countries that emit (and always have emitted) far less than the western world.

The little Mermaid is a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen and one of the most important symbols in Denmark. It is a part of the Danish idea of themselves as a small, cosy nation where the living is good, but where we are also doing our bit to help the world that surrounds us. This is, of course, only a fairytale.

The western world and the Danes sit like the mermaid on the rock or like the fat lady in a safe distance from the water level. Happy and assured that they have the capital it takes to prevent that the climate changes hit us. Meanwhile, island states around the world are being flushed away, while hurricanes, drought and hunger hit the rest of the world, especially Africa. But, we continue to sit on our rocks convinced that the 200 million climate refugees the UN foresee in 40 years will not affect us.

Survival of the Fattest is a part of The aim of the initiative is to put focus on the consequences of global warming through various art installations, which will highlight the climate change from different angles.

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